Supplying tailor made panels as per the customers requirement, RIDDHI Enterprise is committed to total quality management and continuously strive towards Zero defects in regards to quality product and best value for money.

Range of the Product

  • L.T Switch Board Capacity Executed: 415V 3 ph, 50 Hz., 4 Wire, 6300A
  • Motor Control Centre Capacity Executed: 415V, 3 Ph, 50Hz., 4 Wire, 3200A
  • Control and Relay Panels
  • Busducts Capacity Executed: 415V, 3 Ph, 50 Hz., 4 Wire, 6300A
  • DG Set Panel
  • Soft Starter Panel with VFD
  • Annunciation System
  • MCB Distribution Board
  • Submersible Pump Panel
  • Fuse Distribution Board

All these custom-made panels are manufactured as under:

Fabrication & Painting

RIDDHI gives due attention at the design stage of Panel manufacturing as per the serviceability point of view. Placement of Components required for particular panels are designed before hand from the point of view easy approachability, serviceability and testing.

RIDDHI has the facility to manufacture various types of Panels required by end customers. The complete structure of cubicles is rigid, self-supported, and free from flaws, twists and bends. All cut outs are free in shape and devoid of any sharp edges.

All Cubicles/Distribution Board/MCC are dust & vermin proof construction. Proper attention is paid to visual aesthetics of the Panels. Apt attention is given to painting as it plays a major role in deciding, long-term quality of the cubicles and also its visual aesthetics. Every stage of fabrication and painting undergoes inspection and thus ensuring good outgoing quality.

Wiring & Assembling

Once the job is approved after painting the same is offered for wiring and assembling. Proper attention is paid for final wiring of the panel. Panels are assembled as per the procedure which meet/exceed applicable standards. Wiring is done, as minimum required, base on procedure governed by applicable standards and documents.


Incoming materials with right quality enhances the quality of the product; proper attention is given in material procurement and its quality checking. The system is already in place to ensure that material is procured from correct vendors. Prior approvals are taken from the customer for material make, rating, etc.

Design & Drawings

RIDDHI has fully fledged CAD facility for drawing and documents generation. The flow of drawings and documentation has been streamlined; these drawings and documents once approved by the customer are being used for process as well as for reference.


Once the job is assembled and wiring is done, the Panel undergoes various testing facility as per relevant IS.

Approval and Certificates

  • CPRI approval for 50 KA, Short Circuit tests for one second with initial peak of 105 KA Bhopal
  • Approval of product from TAC (Tariff Advisory Committee).